from angelic appetisers to devilish desserts

from angelic appetisers to devilish desserts
from angelic appetisers to devilish desserts

welcome to me ole blogger'oo

Welcome to my blog.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

yes we kant

Yes We Kant
So here it is, the year that not only do we get a visit from her majestic self, but we get to claim the lineage of the most powerful man in the world, and no I’m not talking about Chuck Norris, although with his ginger bread man beard we could nearly half claim him. I am of course talking about Barrack (where’s me auld apostrophe) Obama. Now I must say, Barrack must definitely have some Irish in him, because only one of our own would use an excuse like “I’m returning to find my apostrophe” just to come back and have a pint of Guiness. I was really impressed with the security they got for the man, I mean there were about a hundred lads with sunglasses. It was funny to see how they tried to fit into the crowd and not be to noticeable, it was funnier to see how our own Irish Guards just made a fool of themselves taking pictures on their phones of the “yanks”.
Now the visit of possibly the best known queen in like ever, nope not the good senator we all know and love, but her majesty over in England. She came and had the whole place closed down for her visit, I mean god help us but she must think all the Irish people have left the country, she could hardly have seen to many with all the barracades put up. This week our very own Francie Barret took to the screens and became the very first ever Television presenter from the Travelling community, a feat I can tell you from personal experience within the Tv industry, which is remarkable because mainstream media in this country is still so far removed from reality they could nearly have Zig and Zag read the news and people wouldn’t bat an eyelid. That being said, in the show which uncovered the genetic trails of our blood, I found that some wards come from royalty. Well it was when I found out that some travellers come from royalty I came to the conclusion that this was the sole reason for years the Guards in some towns have encouraged publicans to close down during the traveller’s royal visits.
Now me being me, and my mind being the total sludge bucket it is and easily brought into any strange thought, I came to thinking, what if Barrack Obama and the Queen were to Travellers. Can you imagine the two of them trying to get a place for there wedding reception and getting refused. “no you cant have it that day coz we’re booked out”, and the queen saying to barrack “eh are you just going to stand there” and poor old Barrack having to face the Hotel manager all grim face and almost wheezing with fear as he says “erm, Yes we can”.
The whole yes we can thing wouldn’t really work over here for the normal Joe on the street, although the whole yes we can if we bloody well please worked quite well for the past governments here. So on a final few notes I think I will bring you up to speed a little on a few things. Firstly I have started training with a community radio station situated in Coolock called Near 90.3 fm. Anyone can listen online to the station at There are great opportunities for anyone wishing to get involved in radio from any background at the station. I am off on a holiday to Spain or maybe somewhere else, to be honest I have not actually booked so I might end up in Tullamore if I am not careful. I will however most definitely have a full report on that excursion away, and as always will let it transpire into an article for the very special readers I have with this column, all three or four of yee.
As always I encourage everyone to send in some ideas on what topic you would like covered in the next article I write. Any suggestions or comments on any part of this column can be forwarded on to myself at or to any of the staff at Voice of the Traveller magazine.
Have a great summer all you factor one million sun lotion crazies.


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